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We show up and we log on: physically, mentally and digitally. In many ways, our working lives are the same as they always have been.And yet new technology and new habits have transformed how we work, and where we work from. Most employers are now grappling with the constant challenge of getting us into the office. Simply fulfilling our daily duties and demands is no longer enough to entice us. We think that’s a good thing.

Written by Tone 30.03.2023
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We don’t design furniture for offices – we design for open and valuable meetings between people.

At Fora Form, we’ve been designing social furniture and meeting places since 1929. Our ambition has always been to create great indoor experiences. Today, our
design is already starting to shape people’s future working lives.

We don't make furniture to impress – we make furniture that motivate.

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We don’t design for directors, or to uphold power structures.

We design to break down differences.

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Through solid craftsmanship and timeless design, we make furniture that lasts. By giving design classics new life using modern materials, we’re reducing waste at every stage.

Fora Form wants to nurture a new kind of working life, where sustainability means caring for humans as much as about our environment.

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Our goal is to create workplaces good enough to match our homes. Our vision is to create furniture and meeting places that enable good meetings to happen between people.

Because at Fora Form, we know that people shape culture and that culture shapes people.
This is our guiding star on our journey to discover more great indoor experiences – wherever people meet.

We have four areas where we share the interaction arenas we provide; eat together, work together, breathe together and experience together. The design in each of these areas affects the interactions you are able to create. We hope to help inspire your meetings.