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Welcome to our press center. Here you will find press releases and pictures for relevant issues. We are happy to contribute information related to our organization and the area of ​​activity. Contact our press contact:

Written by Tone 26.02.2020

We are happy to contribute information related to our organization and scope. Contact our press contact: Pål Eid-Hviding, tel .: +47 952 12 253, e-mail: peh@foraform.com

Møterom med Dwell conference stoler i hud sammen med Roma bord fra Fora Form

In an everchanging world, we change the way we work, the way we relate to our colleagues and partners. These changes also leave a mark on our product development.

June 3rd at 10:00 we launch the chair Dwell. A chair that has been developed for everyday work in 2021.

Read more and download the press release.

Arena auditorium med høy rygg og oppslått sete

On Thursday 22 April, we launched a new auditorium chair - Arena.

The chair aims to make the processes around arenas more efficient with increased flexibility and simplified assembly.

Arena is designed by Torsteinsen Design, with help, insight and knowledge from us in Fora Form who have worked for over 30 years in this segment.

Read more and download the press release.

City original stol i valnøtt i en restaurant fra Fora Form

A new classic from 1954

The City chair won Norsk Industri's classic award, 10th December 2020.

In 1954, 26-year-old Øyvind Iversen presented his diploma thesis, a thesis that would revolutionize the future of Fora Form (formerly Møre Lenestol-fabrikk) and the Nordic furniture industry.

Inspired by a curvaceous woman, and with the help of a completely new lamination technology, he created the City chair. For over 60 years, the chair has thrilled with its timeless design and outstanding seating comfort.

Press release

To høye Tind 1500 sofaer og S bord Fora Form


Tind is a petite and enclosing sofa with round organic shapes and recognizable detailing from the Fjell chair. The series consists of two length sofas and a chair. The sofas and chairs are both with high and low backs. Tind was designed by Lars Tornøe. Like the conference chair Fjell, Tind draws inspiration from mountains that plunge down steep hillsides. The contrasts between the precise exterior of the sofa and the soft interior come from the naturally created rooms found in Norwegian mountain scenery.

Arbeidsstasjon med Knekk krakk og bord Kove stoler Fora Form


Knekk aims to change the effectiveness of creative workshops

Knekk is a tool for ensuring that insight and knowledge are preserved in creative workshops such as Design thinking processes. Such processes require committed and equal participants for the process and the results to be good - Knekk nudges the participants into a good process.

The two seat surfaces of the stool help the participants to lean over the table for the active steps in the process, while the horizontal part of the stool allows the user to sit up to reflect when the process requires it. When the job is done, Knekk can be stacked and set aside.

Knekk krakk i eik fra Fora Form

The idea

The product is the result of an undergraduate thesis at AHO, when the students task was to interpret Fora Form's slogan Wherever people meet. Jon Fauske, who now pursues a master's degree at AHO, chose to focus on creative workshops that in some cases are furnished with low-seating lounge furniture without taking into account the tasks involved in such processes. "These types of interiors are too passive and do not help the participants to be active and engaged." explains Jon. “A critical element of such a process is that all participants can contribute actively and are involved in the work to be done. If half the group participates in the front of the board while the rest sit back in their own fat-boy, important information and insight can be lost along the way, ”Jon continues.

How does it work?

Design thinking and other creative work processes involve and range of different steps, all of which require different types of engagement from the participants. The goal of the process is to gather as much insight and knowledge as possible through the process. If not all participants are not connected to the process or do not participate, the basis for the solution is incorrect. Knekks's seat surface helps participants lean over the table to the active steps of the process, while the horizontal part of the stool allows the user to sit up to reflect as the process does. When the job is done away from the table, Knekk can be stacked.

Knekk table with paper roll and paper roll hanger Fora Form


During a creative innovation process, the table is actively used. Post-it's and other tools are an important element. Jon Fauske has therefore produced a Knekk table that is designed to take care of such a process. In short, the Knekk table has a clean surface for working from all sides of the table top. A large slit has been made clear for storing PCs or materials that have been used in the process. There are also two marked holes in the steel for attaching electrical contacts. The Knekk table also has a roller suspension as an accessory if required by the process. The crack table has a standard size of 180x90cm and a height of 90cm. The worktop is made of MDF and is made of steel.

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