The Atlantic is a chair providing levels of comfort and versatility beyond its compact size.

Ideal for both refurbishments and new projects, the variety of seat centre choices enables clients to maximise seating capacity without compromising on form or function.

Cold cure moulded foam ensures long lasting comfort while the polyurethane armrests will outlast all those in fabric.

The moulded foam cushions wrap the support springs in an airtight cocoon preventing both noise and corrosion.

Its compact envelope allows for ease of access and egress.

The Atlantic seat is popular with various different types of places of worship, providing a much improved visitor experience with enhanced comfort and aesthetics.

  • Robust sloping standards for lifetime support
  • Polyurethane armcaps for comfort and durability
  • Sprung seat for maximum comfort
  • Cold cure moulded foam is waterproof, comfortable and long lasting
  • Removable seat covers when cleaning or repair is necessary
  • Backrest fixed to standard with long wing brackets, reducing stresses and extending lifetime
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Installation and maintenance friendly
Versatility beyond its compact size
Comfortable seat, ergonomic backrest.
The chair requires little maintenance.
Seat covers can be removed and replaced.
Polyurethane or wood on the armrest top for easy cleaning and durability.


Atlantic comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: