Gather. Collaborate. Connect. The Study Pod is perfect for project and group work and is especially popular with students requiring space to study outside of the timetable.

This arrangement is flexible and maximizes sightlines whilst allowing interchange between didactic and group learning formats.

The Study Pod means teaching can be delivered using a variety of styles without the reorganization of either furniture or student, whilst allowing teaching staff to move between the Pods and talk to students during more collaborative learnings periods.

Designed to accommodate multiple people sat in one area, with centralized power and data, electronic equipment is easily supported.

The Pods are available in a variety of dimensions and finishes, with integrated DDA places.

Adaptable layout with clever storage.
Study pods for 4-5 people suitable for flat floors and tiers
Clever storage
Contoured upholstery
Power and data provision
Adaptable layouts
Suitable for flat floors and tiers
Four or five person Pod