Discerning luxury
The Verona is a fully reclining cinema chair designed for the maximum in comfort and style. Beautifully crafted and available as a single seater, a twin seat or a link-seat with shared armrests.

Two individual motors control the footrest and back-rest separately allowing any user to adjust their reclining position to exactly their own comfort level.

The Verona cinema seat includes customisable options like a footrest sensor, so no hands or valuables get caught in moving parts. The optional easy-lift system gently and effortlessly tips the seat forward to enable thorough and effective cleaning. Underseat lighting provides a visual aid whilst doing so.

Other features include footrest and backrest auto return, integrated tables, lighting, built in cupholders and charging points.

Investment in luxury cinema seating is being embraced by exhibitors around the world from the large multiplex to the boutique operators. Premium cinema seating greatly enhances audience experience, resulting in increased client satisfaction and retention. Cinemas are powerful spaces. People go to be entertained. To be carried away by stories. To lose themselves in the plot, the characters, the rich world on the screen. The right space creates the ultimate cinematic experience. That is why we are passionate about designing the seating that fills these spaces. We look at the big picture and focus on the details of design. We love aesthetics but we're not just about design that looks great, we're about design with a purpose. Working with you to create a beautiful cinema space that delights your audience and increases customer loyalty.

Cinema is in a period of exciting change and fundamental to operator success is the ability to maximise revenues and retain customers. Premium seating is proven to be a tangible differentiator for which cinema goers are willing to pay. And a greatly enhanced audience experience results in increased client satisfaction and retention. With this in mind, Ferco developed the design-led Premium Collection. Luxurious electric recliner seats which can be customised to suit the aspirations of individual cinema operators, including privacy booths, individual concession tables and integrated iPads to enable remote ordering of food and beverages. the ultimate. no less


Verona comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: