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A playful chair for the meeting room or dining area and your new best friend! Discover all BUD variations here:
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A multi-modular sofa and one of our best-selling products of all time. What does your next Senso setup look like?
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Work together

Meeting spaces influence organization culture. Read more about how we can assist you with workplace design here:
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Eat together

The dining area is the organization's most crucial culture builder. We provide you with our best tips for creating a cozy dining area.

Fora ReForm

A sustainable approach to our design heritage: giving design classics a new lease of life.
Vår historie

Our history

Since 1929, we have been crafting Norwegian quality furniture in Ørsta, Sunnmøre. Learn more about our design heritage and how we have uphold it for almost 100 years!
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Quality and environment

Fora Form wants to be part of cultivating the new working life, where sustainability is as much about human welfare as it is about environmental considerations.

Furniture that lasts

Our sustainability vision

Our sustainability vision starts with quality and craftsmanship. We believe true sustainability begins with creating high-quality products built to last for generations. By prioritizing function, quality, and longevity in our production, we ensure that our furniture is sturdy, reliable, and resistant to wear and tear and the passage of time.

Furniture without trends

For us, it's important to create timeless furniture that withstands short-term trends and fads. In doing so, we aim to reduce the need for frequent updates and the throwaway mentality. This saves resources for society and reduces waste. Today, we carry classics from the 50s and 60s in our collection, and many of our past designs are still relevant in public buildings across Norway.

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At Fora Form, we have always had a deep-rooted commitment to delivering furniture that is not only beautiful and functional but also durable and timeless, thereby making them sustainable in the most meaningful way. We take pride in that!

Heritage management

Furniture that lasts

Because we carry a heritage dating back to 1929, we know plenty of Fora Form furniture pieces are in the market. Since 1929, we have maintained the same mindset regarding design and production; Fora Form aims to create lasting furniture. Many of the older products still in the market are fully functional, albeit showing signs of age – yet they retain the same great functionality.

Service development

For this reason, it has long been important for us to develop a service where we can offer owners of these products the opportunity to extend their lifespan, allowing them to continue to exist and harmonize with contemporary interiors and environments. In this way, we aim to contribute to managing Fora Form's history and heritage, as well as what we believe is an essential part of our shared cultural heritage.

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Fora ReForm

In early 2023, we launched our first service, Fora ReForm – a concept designed to breathe new life into Fora Form products through local upgrades and re-certification. It's a sustainable approach to our design heritage. With Fora ReForm, we aim to create a circular cycle from raw materials to reuse, thus preventing furniture from being discarded due to worn upholstery, damaged armrests, or outdated appearance.

50-70% reduced footprint

By repairing or reusing a Fora Form furniture piece, we reduce the carbon footprint by 50-70% compared to purchasing a new item. Opting for this option provides you with a renewed and upgraded piece of furniture and a new 5-year warranty. Additionally, we will issue a new Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the reformed product, documenting the actual CO2 footprint and environmental benefits of choosing Fora ReForm.


In the company

Fora Form has extensive experience in producing long-lasting furniture. By using durable materials, we extend our products' functional and aesthetic value. Additionally, we maintain a conscious approach to our standard materials, which are particularly suitable for public use and withstand wear and tear. With ISO 9001 certification, we ensure that our customers receive products and services of expected quality. By integrating environmental and occupational health and safety management into our quality management system, we are committed to continuous improvement through defined quality methodologies.

In our products

Fora Form ensures that furniture intended for public use meets the requirements of Møbelfakta. Møbelfakta includes requirements for strength, durability, material quality, stability, flammability, surface treatment, and safety, among others. We continuously work to have all Fora Form products tested and approved according to these requirements. We choose materials carefully, and our recommendations are based on the properties of the material and its intended use so that our customers can make informed choices for the best possible result.

Fora Form Bud production


In the company

Fora Form takes responsibility for its footprint both in its products and in the factory in Ørsta, demonstrated through ISO certifications such as ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management. We are committed to continuous improvement of environmental and quality aspects through the integration of environmental management into the quality management system. This includes monitoring key environmental aspects such as energy, resource consumption, waste management, and chemical use.

Our products are made from traceable raw materials with a focus on minimal resource consumption and source sorting of waste for high recycling rates. We use traceable and sustainably sourced timber and purchase 100% renewable energy. Our approach extends to our subcontractors, where all standard textiles are certified according to environmental standards in the textile industry.

In our products

Fora Form conducts life cycle assessments and provides environmental information through the industry's Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). This offers a detailed overview of the product's contents, transportation, and packaging, resulting in a CO2 equivalent, which serves as a basis for comparing environmental impacts. All products, including those with traceable and sustainably sourced timber, must have an EPD.

We design our products for longevity and recyclability, influencing our subcontractors and carriers to adhere to environmental standards and efficient transportation solutions. Sustainability is integrated into the product development process to ensure choices that result in low CO2 values on the EPD. Our products are also environmentally certified by Type 1 labels such as the EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, or Swedish Furniture Facts shortly after launch.

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