Fjell stoler med 4er kryss og Kvart eikebord hos Fora Form


In meetings you should be able to work well with others, that is the core purpose of meetings. Whether it is conference rooms with meetings that last all day and the demands required of such a room, to a creative innovation process that has completely different requirements. Occasionally, a screened sofa may do the same as a workplace or meeting room, however you can feel confident that we can make good meeting places. Our designers know how to make great meetings and we know great meeting spaces.

"Meeting Spaces affect an organizations culture…"

A formal meeting room with highback chairs and complicated electronics has different functional requirements than a creative project room. None of the rooms are more important than the other, but functional requirements also change the type of chairs, technical requirements and table design to reach the goal of the meeting. How we furnish and solve these meeting places affects the culture of the organization. We place great demands on our workstation itself, but in today's work environment the meeting place is just as important. How we meet colleagues and how we thrive together makes us better colleagues. Good colleagues provide a good work environment. From the project room, the sofa where impromptu meetings are held or a creative innovation project room; all of these spaces are areas where your colleagues will master, they will try to collaborate, build bridges or learn so that their organization can improve. Let's look more at these meeting spaces and how the rooms can give back to the users and goals to be reached.

Common to these meeting rooms is that you and the other users should be the best version of yourself and thrive in these areas. We believe we help you to most by meeting the functional requirements for you - so you don't have to think about them.


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