Atrium is designed by Anderssen & Voll

Atrium Focus, wheels, fixed seat-, back cushion and armrest
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White - Sahara
White - Sahara structured epoxy coating(RAL 9016)
Light grey - Sahara
Light grey - Sahara structured epoxy coating(RAL 7039)
Dark grey - Sahara
Dark grey - Sahara structured epoxy coating(RAL 7024)
Chocolate - Sahara
Chocolate - Sahara structured epoxy coating(RAL 8019)
Black - Sahara
Black - Sahara structured epoxy coating(RAL 9005)
Metallic epoxy
Metallic epoxy
White epoxy
White epoxy, (RAL 9016)
Medium grey
Medium grey epoxy (RAL 7042)
Dark grey
Dark grey epoxy (NCS S 8500-N)
Beige epoxy (NSC S 4005 -Y20R)
Golden pink epoxy
Golden pink NCS 3215-Y43R
Brown epoxy
Brown NCS 6815-Y24R
Grey blue
Grey blue epoxy (NCS S 3020 B)
Blue epoxy (NCS S 7020 - B)
Blue epoxy (NCS S 7020 - B)
Burgundy epoxy
Burgundy epoxy (RAL 3005)
Red epoxy
Red epoxy (NCS S 1580 - R)
Orange epoxy
Orange epoxy (NSC S 2570 - Y40R)
Yellow epoxy
Yellow epoxy (RAL 1005)
Light green epoxy
Light green epoxy epoxy (NCS S 3010 - G30Y)
Medium green epoxy
Medium green epoxy (RAL 6010)
Dark green epoxy
Dark green epoxy (RAL 6005)
Black epoxy
Black epoxy (RAL 9005)
Blackstained ash
Blackstained ash
Smoked oak
Smoked oak veneer
Whitewashed oak
Whitewashed oak veneer
Width: 62 cm
Height: 77,5-88 cm
Depth: 59 cm
Seat height: 43,5-54 cm
Weight: 12 kg
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  • Laminated oak veneer in with matt lacquer.
  • Seat and/or back cushion.
  • Upholstered seat and/or back.
  • Laminated oak veneeer armrest.
  • Atrium I, II and Focus with armrests can be hung on the table to facilitate cleaning.
  • Atrium I, II and Wood can be stacked.
  • Atrium II and Wood come with plastic and felt glides.
  • Atrium can be delivered in dark stained, whitewashed and blackstained oak.
  • Focus with aluminum base with move mechanism.
  • Star base with wheels or glides.

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The chair that is inherently uncomplicated - and complex at the same time. Atrium is the result after several years of development; a well-thought-out combination of design and functionality.

Atrium is created for big occasions and the small moments. Color the room and stack the chairs when the music is turned off. Take a breath and hang the chair on the table when the meal is over and the crumbs are the only ones sitting at the table. The possibilities are almost endless.

The Atrium is easily adapted by using it as a basic veneer chair, with a fixed seat cushion, or maybe even a fixed back cushion, unless you choose with an upholstered seat and/or back. Choose with or without the armrest before choosing which of the five bases that best suits your needs.

A chair series with a split seat and back in wood veneer with five different bases.
An unpretentious chair with a distinct character that can easily be adapted to any environment.
Wide range of alternative fittings; color combinations, upholstery options and bases.