Camp is an armchair for social spaces and waiting areas. The chair is composed of few, but distinct elements: two soft pillows are suspended in an enclosing armrest. The tension between the rectangular cushions and the armrest is the very signature of the chair. The chair has two different seat back heights, so the chair can offer different degrees of comfort and intimacy. This is not a chair you sit on, but a chair you sit down in and into.

Camp offers maximum comfort with no needed adjustment or technical functions.
Always ready for the next person to relax or interact.
32 mm bent steel frame with Nozag springs and cold cured foam.
Base cast aluminium
360 degrees swivel
Coating in Sahara Collection
Steel parts in black, oak and black stained oak standard coating
Steel Parts coating in our menu of selected Jotun Sahara Collection
Wood detail in smoked oak and white washed oak at no additional cost
Plastic gliders


Camp comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: