The Clip table is designed by Komplot Design. The table is a functional stackable table system. In addition the tables light weight makes it easy to clean and re-furnish the room. Heavy lifting is avoided by pushing the tables on one another and transporting them on an associated trolley. The table system makes large meeting rooms, classrooms and canteens as well as smaller meeting room. With it's elegant simplistic shape and solid construction, the Clip table is a good choice for most chair series.

Table top is made of19 mm poplar plywood and white (W1000) HPL laminate making the table light and easy to move.

The table system can be delivered with transportation trolley. Stacks 8 tables with measurements 180 x 180 cm. Other Clip tables can be stacked with max 10 tables.

The table is a functional stackable table system
Easy to clean and re-furnish the room


Clip comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: