Fjell is a conference chair with a sleek outside and a soft inside. The chairs detailing tells a story of quality and classic well constructed soft formal meeting chair. The chair is avaliable in a variety of different bases and different backrest heights. One might say; the lower the back, the more informal space.

Fjell is a well constructed conference chair with effortless functionalty for longer meetings.
A classically designed and functional conference chair, from formal meeting spaces to smaller project rooms
The seat and back are made of wood laminate with cast cold foam.
The back is available in three different heights.
An aluminum bracket that provides a gap between seat and back for easier cleaning.
The armrest has a steel bar and the cast aluminum armrests,
Armrests are offered with and without leather
4 legs: Sahara Collection structured coating and plastic slides.
4-star base: tilt, swivel and auto return. Gliders in black plastic.
4-star base with tilt, swivel and wheels: Soft track, self-braking without load. Wheels are in black plastic.
5-star base tilt, swivel with wheels: lockable in upright position. Wheels with soft track, self-braking without load. Wheels are in black plastic.
Fjell without armrest are certified with Nordic Ecolabel with textiles that are EU Ecolabel certified.


Fjell comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: