The modular sofa system, Kove, is designed by Morten & Jonas.

The inspiration came from when iron fences symbolized status. The name holds a story in itself and comes from the word alcove, which means little room in a larger room. The soft cushions works just like that- a protective alcove with steel framework.

Open work landscapes require meeting rooms as well as light. The Kove sofa and Chairs allow the division of a space without making the area dark and gloomy.

The space dividing back has tables, flower boxes or newspaper baskets to make the space feel friendly and warm. Plants and Flowers has a proven effect on work spaces.

The design combines comfort and function with several different modules. You can combine all the different lengths and angles with each other, and thus shaping the sofa according to your needs.

The sofas can also be upholstered in several different fabrics and steel laquered in colors.

Defining an area without breaking the light and darkening the space
By using the accessories, the space can be decorative from all angles by incorporating plants, books or decorative elements
Plywood and solid wood frame moulded cold cured foam, fibre duvet and nozag springs
Moulded cold cured foam, duvet with fibre, down and feathers
All backs, basket and legs in steel. Jotun Sahara Collection epoxy coating black epoxy RAL 9005 at no additional cost
Plastic gliders


Kove comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: