L, R &S tables are three smaller tables designed by the duo Anderssen & Voll. With its effortless elegant expression, the table is suitable for most places where a smaller table top is needed.

The table series makes every Chair into a work station, and the L series even offers electrical sockets for uncomplicated charging. Today's Offices has many different ways and Places to work. The L, R and S table makes working in any sofa or chair effortless and user-friendly.

Table top 25 mm solid oak with chamfered edge and rounded corners. Standard configuration is in black stained oak with the base is lacquered in the Sahara Collection from Jotun, which provides a textured surface.

Please note that the L and S table are also avaliable as a fixed version for assembly on the Senso sofa.

The table series makes every Chair into a work station.
Lette småbord som forvandler enhver stol eller sofa til en arbeidsplass, med eller uten strømtilkobling.
L table with double electrical socket and 2,4smeter black cord, making charging accessible almost anywhere.
25 mm solid wood oak with sloping profile and rounded corners.
L table is supplied with a double socket (220 Volt) and 2.5 meter black cord.
L and S Fixed are for mounting on the Senso sofa.
Please state if the fixed table is preferred on the left or right side facing forward.
The lacquer on the base has a textured surface.


L, R & S table comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: