The designer Runa Klock has used nature and the beautiful curves of roots as inspiration for Our table Root. The unique shapes that emerge when their trees root elegantly over each other clearly come to an end in the chassis design.

Root consists of six tables of different shapes, sizes and heights. Common to all tables is that they are at lounge height. The shape of the tables complements each other and can be used alone or in a combination.

Table top in 12 mm UV lacquered valchromat with straight edge..
Table top 12 mm Valchromat with UV-lacquer and straight edge.
The table top is delivered with colour-matching table top and base, or black base
Table top can also be provided with 8 mm tempered colored glass.
Base 12 mm solid square steel
Felt glider
The base is lacquered in the Sahara Collection from Jotun, which provides a textured surface.
Delivered flat-packed 1 table per carton.
Glass and valchromat accenturate the materialistic textures


Root comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: