Tind is a petit and enclosing chair with round organic shapes and recognizable details from the Fjell chair.

The family also consists of two length sofas. The sofas and chairs are both avaliable in high and low backs. The low back gives an inviting open sofa and the high back provides a shield to the inside of the sofa.

Tind was designed by Lars Tornøe. Like the conference chair Fjell, Tind draws inspiration from mountains that plunge down steep hillsides. The contrasts between the precise exterior of the sofa and the soft interior come from the naturally created rooms found in Norwegian mountain scenery.

Exchangeable cover on the seat cushion.
steel frame with moulded foam with fibre and nozag springs
Seat with nozag springs.
Tind has a steel frame and legs that come in our five selected Jotun Sahara lacquers and Fora Forms menu lacquers.
Specialty colors on request
Plastic glider


Tind chair comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: