Senso hjørnesofa med lav rygg Camp bord og Misto Puffer Fora Form


How you set up and plan your breakout zones say a lot about how you meet customers and partners, but they also convey what culture your business wants. A social space often has an intention - our furniture is designed to direct the interaction in specific directions or in certain ways. We believe some sofas can provide interaction and provide improved work environment and we know how to achieve it. Read more about creating engaging breakout zones here.

Social arenas are for more than just coffee breaks and comfortable seating.

The importance of social arenas in the workspace

Round shapes help to make spaces feel more harmonic and connect one area to another without any hard corners.

Tind - the sofa with the perfect nook

Kove is our soft seating lounge sofa with a back that allows to divide spaces without stopping the light.