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Our new website - an effective tool

In a busy work schedule, we believe that simplicity and accessibility are two important points for an effective workflow. Our goal is to make your work day more efficient by using our products. We have therefore chosen to put all information about our products as easy and accessible as possible on our new website.

Written by Tone 15.04.2020

If you need CAD object, photo, a drawing or maybe a document about a product you can also download it, all in one single folder.

If you have any questions, just contact your Fora Form contact person or

Eat together

Senso sofa in dining areas?

Dining areas have special functional requirements. Cleanliness is such a functional necessity. To keep these areas tidy we are introducing Senso Cafè with a practical cleaning gap between seat and backrest.

Written by Pål 14.08.2020
Fora Form

Furniture for many years to come

A Fora Form furniture is for you to enjoy for many years to come. If you follow the advices in our Quality and Maintenance Manual you contribute to prolonged life of your furniture.

Written by Tone 23.06.2020