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How to build auditoriums that safeguards function, a desireable space and satisfied users?

For many, building an auditorium is about choosing a chair. For us in Fora Form, the project begins around what the user should experience in the auditorium: A conference room often has functional requirements such as a writing board and interaction with the lecturer, while a cultural hall is about sitting well to enjoy the experience. A number of the building requirements are the same, but the purpose of the space determines the choice of chairs and functionality to give the user the best possible experience. In this article, we want to give advice for those who are interested in building good auditoriums.

Written by Pål 15.01.2020

What is the main goal of the auditorium? Should the auditorium accommodate as many people as possible or should users experience the best in within comfort? Based on the purpose of the hall, you also define which functional requirements are set for chair selection and layout of floor plans. We must take into account the area we have available and the best possible sight lines to ensure a good hall. Area disposition and technique often go hand in hand. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a good idea of ​​what technical means the user should experience. Early involvement and expertise towards the project is a key to a successful hall.

"Based on the purpose of the auditorium, you also define the functional requirements that are set for chair selection and design of floor plan."

The definition of purpose has given you a number of preconditions for chair choices: the extremes are space or comfort. Often the solution lies somewhere in between, as an auditorium rarely has one purpose alone throughout the day. This also provides good synergies for value creation and efficient land use.

CASE: MediaCity Bergen

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If a room is to be used throughout the day, more frequent cleaning is often required. Different anchor points have different qualities. While the mounting bracket provides effective cleaning for the unobstructed use of mop and vacuum cleaner, the requirement for structural design increases. On the other hand, floor-mounted chairs have lower constructional requirements and lower costs.

The purpose of use that was decided at the beginning of the project and attachment point to the foundation has defined some requirements for chair selection. We must consider other aspects such as the possibility of a writing board and whether it should be fixed or foldable. A fixed mounting plate will take the space available in the length of the room, while a fold-down table will reduce the number of chairs on each row. Armrests, material choices and access to power are also issues that help define the chair choice.

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Case/ Åsane Kulturhus og vgs.

Fora Form has completed the delivery of two telescopic amphibians for Åsane culture house and high school with the comfort chair Monza as the first project in the world. We are already seeing international interest who want the have a closer look at the inovative telescopic tribunes.

CASE/ Åsane Kulturhus og VGS

Whether it is conferences, theater or corporate auditoriums, the design and auditorium chairs are essential elements in attracting events and maximizing the revenue potential of your venue.

The visitor's experience will be enhanced by the general aesthetics, optimal comfort, easy access and most importantly, a clear and unobstructed view. In addition, the auditorium chairs should be attractive, comfortable and functional. Our collection of auditorium chairs offers customizable features such as the integrated Wrimatic ™ A3 desk, cup holders, personalized embroidery and various upholstery features.

Fora Form will not only provide detailed attention and consideration for capacity and sight lines, we will also work with you to achieve the right balance between aesthetics, ergonomics and comfort - which will provide the optimal seating solution.