How can you improve your creative workshops?
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KNEKK is a solution not an object

Creative workshops are a key part of creating new products and services. Design thinking and other creative workshops requires different tools than other meetings. Insight from all the involved participants is maybe the most important tool.

Written by Tone 24.09.2019

Our Knekk stool and table is specifically designed to ensure engaged and attentive participants in these processes. The Knekk bar stool is designed to fit the different stages of a creative workshop. The horizontal part of the seat provides for reflection and relaxation. The askew part of the seat gives direction for active interaction and support new and innovative processes.

Creative innovation processes require active use of the table. Sticky notes, markers and other tools are active parts of the task and needs a clean work surface and engaged creative people.
The table offers a clean surface without any disruptions and enables working from all four sides of the table. It has a built in shelf for storage of computers or other tools necessary for the various stages of the creative process. Knekk table is prepared for integrating 4 electrical sockets. You also get the option to attach a retractable paper-roll as an accessory.

The creative workshop concept Knekk and the designer Jon Fauske has been presented with the DogA Award for Newcomers, 22nd January 2020.

Fora Form

Furniture for many years to come

A Fora Form furniture is for you to enjoy for many years to come. If you follow the advices in our Quality and Maintenance Manual you contribute to prolonged life of your furniture.

Written by Tone 23.06.2020
Fora Form

Our new website - an effective tool

In a busy work schedule, we believe that simplicity and accessibility are two important points for an effective workflow. Our goal is to make your work day more efficient by using our products. We have therefore chosen to put all information about our products as easy and accessible as possible on our new website.

Written by Tone 15.04.2020