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Fora Form

Sven Ivar Dysthe has passed away

It is with great sadness that we received the news that Sven Ivar Dysthe passed away yesterday. Sven Ivar was one of Fora Form's most famous designers and Norway's foremost furniture designers. He was 88 years old.

Written by Pål 02.03.2020

Sven Ivar was a Norwegian furniture design icon. Through our over 50 years of collaboration with Sven Ivar, Fora Form was fortunate enough to have gained insight into his unique design methods. He was the closest we can get to a best friend. We will use this sad occasion to commemorate his memory and the unique story we have experienced together.

Rest in peace.

Planet stoler og Kvart bord i et venteområde Fora Form
1962 Laminat sofagruppe

Our story with Sven Ivar Dysthe begins in 1963 when Møre Lenestolfabrikk started producing Laminette. Laminette began as a low armchair, but was further developed into a whole series upon launch. The series won in 1964 Gold Medal at the International Biennale in Ljubljana in 1964 and since the Award of Design Excellence.

The Planet chair and its design were unique in form and idea

This was the beginning of a wonderful collaboration that was characterized by mutual respect, curiosity and the will to develop exciting and different designs. After the Laminate, the Planet chair was a reality. The chair and its design were unique in form and idea. It stands today as the very symbol of experimental and unique Norwegian furniture design, and is called Norway's first piece of pop-art furniture. The chair was relaunched in 2002 and is still one of our bestsellers.

Laminette was launched at Møre Lenestolfabrikk in 1967. The chair became one of Norway's largest furniture successes ever, with over 800,000 chairs sold internationally. The chair filled everything from Norwegian assembly houses to the hotel chain Hilton's restaurants and the University of Budapest. Designer Hans Wegner stated when the chair was launched: "You made a really good chair". This was a unique feedback to get by someone Dysthe looked up to. Apparently, it wasn't just Wegner who thought Laminette was a good chair.

"You made a really good chair".

Hans Wegner


The collaboration between Fora Form and Dysthe continued, and a number of designs of laminating technology came out of Laminette. Fora Form and Dysthe found a way to utilize how Fora Form's production methods and Dysthe's design ideas could develop new products. Lamiline, Lamisteel and Lamilux were all products that saw their origin from Laminette. Dysthe and his designs were a major reason why Fora Form grew through the 70s and 80s.

Since the Planet chair, Dysthe and Fora have Form and played with unconventional forms and designs. Prima and Popcorn are both examples of more radical designs. Both chairs were designed for Henie Onstad Art Center outside Oslo in 1967. Popcorn and Prisma have both since been relaunched, and Popcorn is still in our current collection.

Popcorn chairs Fora Form

The popcorn chair has, with its unique shape, warmed many hearts that beats for Norwegian furniture design.

Project: Sparebank 1 Interior Architect: iark AS

Prisma Volt fashion

The Prisma chair was recently used in an advertising campaign for the Volt chain.

Photo: Volt fashion

Prisma and Popcorn were both distinctive products, but none of Dysthe's products ever compromised on functional requirements. Functions such as swing, stacking or the possibility of hanging the chair on the table were always taken care of, and sometimes function was a unique quality with the product. The next product we want to highlight was just such a product. Parabel, designed in 1986, could be stacked in the same way as shopping carts.

6 B

The Stable Function of the Chair Parabel drew inspiration from the shopping cart's ability to be stacked into one another and won the Innovation Award for Universal Design in 1988.


Sometimes Dysthe and Fora Form took some chances to boost innovation, but enter history as good examples of not being able to win every time. The Waterchair from 1984 is one such example. The chair built on the same principles as water beds by making water one of the chair's materials. The chair was no commercial success, but is a good example of Dysthe's playfulness and innovation.

Popcorn barkrakk lav

The popcorn chair was relaunched at the Stockholm FurnitureFair in 2012, after being a collectors object for many years. Not long afterwards came the need for a bar stool in the same family. Dysthe was eager to please, and in 2013 the bar stool stood next to the chair that was designed in 1968. It is quite unique that a designer can put his name on associated products with 45 years between the designs.

Transeat 3 seter med sidebord i heltre eik Fora Form

In 2016, Oslo Airport OSL got new waiting furniture signed by the designers Torsteinsen Design and Dysthe Design. Torsteinsen Design would play on Dysthe's design from 1998 when OSL Gardermoen was new.
The result was a very successful collaboration, ensuring the passengers a comprehensive, functional and beautiful airport with a pervasive Norwegian feel.

We doubt that we have seen the last of Dysthe and Fora Form's collaboration, despite the fact that Sven Ivar has now passed away. Not only will he continue to influence people in the future with his designs and products, but past shows that Dysthe's designs lasts over half a century and we have many great designs we would like to see again in the future.

Now we say goodbye to Sven Ivar, and remember all that he has given Norwegian furniture design. Our thoughts go to his family.

Rest in peace.