Your organization will improve it's level of innovation by having better colleagues.
Fora Form

Our vision for improved interaction

At Fora Form we are passionate about great interpersonal interaction. We believe that improved interaction has a positive effect on the level of innovation in your organization. We believe your interactions influence the culture through your meeting places. We believe good interaction is about creating better colleagues, more effective processes and giving your organization improved competitiveness.

Written by Tone 06.12.2019

Fora Form has been creating areas for interaction for the past 60 years. We have done this by using design as a strategic tool. Our products will help meeting participants interact based on the area's intention. Today's meeting places have changed radically in 60 years and Fora Form has contributed to this journey. Some interiors are designed with a goal of great conversations, while others are designed for quiet reflection. The design of the meeting room can today be just as focused forward towards a video screen, as between people sitting across from each other. Some needs an auditorium one day and a Christmas party the next day, in the same space. This type of changed functional requirements changes the use of the furniture, and this job we have taken for you.

Our products will help meeting participants interact based on the area's intention

We have four areas where we share the interaction arenas we provide; eat together, work together, connect/breathe together and experience together. The design in each of these areas affects the interactions you are able to create. We hope to help inspire your meetings.


When in meetings you should be able to work well with others. Whether it takes Place in a conference room with meetings that last all day and the demands required of such a room, or a creative innovation process that has completely different requirements.

Work together


The dining area is one of the largest and most frequently used meeting space in an organization. It is also an excellent opportunity to create well-being and a united culture, or perhaps the canteen could be used for something other than just lunch. The zone also has very special requirements for function and cleaning. We know how to create great dining areas without forgetting the durability of the products, read more about it here.

Eat together


What culture do you want foster in your organization? How you organize and plan your social spaces says a lot about an organization's culture and personnel policy. We believe that something as easy as sofas and better meeting spaces provides improved interpersonel interaction, and we know how to get it too.

Breathe together


Auditoriums are the place you get engaged. The place you feel a rush or acquires knowledge. It is our job to make sure that these experiences are the best possible.

Experience together

Every day value is created in a meeting, not just economic value but something more precious: Being greeted, validated or challenge can be just as valuable for the person you face as the more tangible outcome of a meeting.

Fora Form hopes to bring awareness to the effect we have on each other and to bring attention to six easy tips to help facilitate better mental health at the workplace.

Six tips for good working days