About Fora Form

Fora Form is one of Scandinavia's largest furniture manufacturers for social areas where people meet. We at Fora Form have a vision of creating great interaction in our four focus areas wherever people meet: Eat together, work together, breathe together and experience together.

Since the 1950s, we've used design as a strategic tool to create good meeting places in public environments. In 2019 we celebrated our 90th anniversary. Through innovation and good design, forums will create good interactions where people will meet in the future.

Through innovation and good design, Fora Form will create good interactions where people will meet in the future as well.

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Fora Form believes that Nordic values ​​lie in the shapes of our furniture. Furniture designed with a focus on democracy, equality and trust will add value to your meeting places, and the result will be increased well-being, improved culture and increased innovation power.

Fora Form's most important community project is interaction. The interaction we want to inspire is based on values ​​such as sustainability, knowledge, equality and democracy. By being faithful to our vision and striving for it in all our activities, we want to help build the community by creating committed interactions.

Our vision for improved interaction

Fora Forms history dates back to 1929. Our history is in defining who we are, but also where we are going. Here you can read more about how we have become one of Scandinavia's largest suppliers of furniture for meeting places.

Our history

Fora Form is concerned with the reprecushions of our our work. Environmental, sustainability and our employees are important to us and to our society. In this article you can read more about how we relate to our footprint.

Quality, environment and our resources

Fora Form are passionate about the power and positive synergies created by great interactions. We have this with us from our heritage by creating meeting places since the 70's. How we believe good meeting places provide value creation and our interaction vision can be read here.

Our vision