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A playful chair for the meeting room or dining area and your new best friend! Discover all BUD variations here:
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A multi-modular sofa and one of our best-selling products of all time. What does your next Senso setup look like?
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Work together

Meeting spaces influence organization culture. Read more about how we can assist you with workplace design here:
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Eat together

The dining area is the organization's most crucial culture builder. We provide you with our best tips for creating a cozy dining area.

Fora ReForm

A sustainable approach to our design heritage: giving design classics a new lease of life.
Vår historie

Our history

Since 1929, we have been crafting Norwegian quality furniture in Ørsta, Sunnmøre. Learn more about our design heritage and how we have uphold it for almost 100 years!
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Vision and value proposition

At Fora Form we have been designing social furniture and meeting places since 1929. Our ambition has always been to create great indoor experiences. Today, our design is already starting to shape people’s future working lives.

The building blocks of the new working life

We show up, and we log on: physically, mentally and digitally. In many ways, our working lives are the same as they have always been. And yet new technology and new habits have transformed how we work, and where we work from. Most employers are now grappling with the constant challenge of getting us into the office. Simply fulfilling our daily duties and demands Is no longer enough.

We think that’s a good thing. We don’t design for offices – we design for open and valuable meetings between people. We don’t make furniture to impress – we make furniture that motivates. We don’t design for directors or to uphold power structures. We design to break down differences.


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"Samspill gjennom innovasjon og design der mennesker møtes"

Through solid craftsmanship and timeless design, we make furniture that lasts. By giving design classics new life using modern materials, we reduce waste at every stage. Fora Form wants to nurture a new kind of working life, where sustainability means caring for humans as much as about our environment.

Our goal is to create workplaces good enough to match our homes. Our vision is to create furniture and meeting places that enable good meetings between people. Because at Fora Form, we know that people shape culture and that culture shapes people. This is our guiding star on our journey to discover more great indoor experiences – wherever people meet.

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"Great interactions create great relations"

The value proposition to our products:

We want to create engaging interactions through good and Nordic design wherever people meet. All our method is based on and developed intending to continue our Nordic values ​​, such as democracy, trust, equality, and diversity, and must always meet the needs of tomorrow. Our products are certified according to environmental, quality, and ethical principles and are also an essential contribution to the Norwegian design heritage and the Nordic design scene.

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The value proposition to the working environment:

Through its vision, Fora Form will work for good internal interaction. This involves but is not limited to, breaking down barriers despite departments, gender, social status, or position. We must cultivate the high ceiling and let all voices be heard. In practice, this means a working environment based on Nordic values, where our employees are inspired, seen, and valued and where we continuously acquire natural competence within our professional fields.