Our Knekk stool and table is specifically designed to ensure engaged and attentive participants in these processes. Design thinking and other creative workshops requires different tools than other meetings.

The table offers a clean surface without any disruptions and enables working from all four sides of the table. It has a built in shelf for storage of computers or other tools necessary for the various stages of the creative process. Knekk table is prepared for integrating 4 electrical sockets. You also get the option to attach a retractable paper-roll as an accessory.

Knekk table is made to enable effective workshops
Knekk facilitates creative workshops with the correct height for standing or sitting, a place to put tools and the practial paper
Table top in 25 mm MDF with desktop linoleum in Nero 4023 with chamfered edge.
Knekk table top is lacquered underneath and on the chamfered edge.
Other laminate, linoleum and veneer on request
Base/shelf coating in Sahara Collection


Knekk table comes in different variations. Here are the different options you can choose: