Note is designed by BergHindenes

Note 2400 Medium
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Oak veneer
Blackstained ash
Blackstained ash
Smoked oak
Smoked oak veneer
Whitewashed oak
Whitewashed oak veneer
Width: 240 cm
Height: 86,5 cm
Depth: 32 cm
Mobelfakta logo RGB
EPD Logo Merke Reg Varemerke RGB medium
  • Note consists of 26mm MDF shelf plates and 17 mm wall with oak veneer
  • High- and Wall-modules include wall connectors.
  • Wall modules should be connected to the wall.
  • Set screws ensure a sturdy shelf to cover for any uneven floor surfaces.
  • Shiped flat-packed
  • Easy assembly

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Open office landscapes need clearly defined areas. Note is an object to help define the transition from one area to another. From work space to socializing, changing the codex and interaction. A well thought out design will help create better landscapes.

Note is also a tool to communicate an organizations values to the organization. A well thought out collection of objects on display will tell the users what matters to your company.

Note consists of 26mm MDF shelf plates separated by 17mm mdf dividers placed diagonally every other way. The stability is maintained by transversely placing the vertical dividers of the shelf. The effect this creates is an exciting pattern that ensures visibility from all angles. The Note design has few components providing efficient and environmentally friendly flat-packed logistics, with easy assembly almost without any of tools.

An efficient and visually exciting shelving system with surprising angles
Note is a tool that helps to define the transition from one area to another
A modular shelving system with easy assembly