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Since 1929, we have been crafting Norwegian quality furniture in Ørsta, Sunnmøre. Learn more about our design heritage and how we have uphold it for almost 100 years!
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Fora Form

Thanks for having us London!

We were pleased to be a part of the exhibition at Material matters during London Design Festival in September. The exhibition was an extension of Grant Gibsons award-winning podcast of the same name.

Written by Tone 21.09.2022

Materials matters lasted for four days with site-specific installations. An extensive programme of talks, and displays by leading brands, innovators, and experimentalists whose practice at the cutting edge of materials. Fora Form participated in a talk on the opening day together with Snøhetta, Lundhs and Norsk Hydro hosted and facilitated by no other than Grant himself.

This is Fora Forms second event at the London design scene. The first was an exhibition at the Royal Norwegian Embassy last October and now we returned to show a larger exhibition at Material matters. The exhibit showcased some of our most dear designs and new friends such as the Atrium chair designed by Anderssen&Voll and the Senso Frame by the same designers.

Thanks to everyone who visited us!

Inside Norway event initiated by Norsk Industri

Inside Norway LDF22 Fora Form party 11

The event was held in Fora Form's exhibition with invited guests.

Inside Norway LDF22 Fora Form party 30

The guests consisted of selected architects from Great Britain, a delegation from Innovation Norway, Norsk Industri and the other exhibitors at Materials Matter, including Norsk Hydro.

Inside Norway LDF22 Fora Form party 15

The exhibition was planned to be able to arrange help to create a good arena for the evening.

Talk "Eco Systems of Design"

Inside Norway LDF22 Material Matters TALK 20

Thor-Anders Lundh Håkestad at Lundhs talks about how Norwegian working life affects our way we do business.

Inside Norway LDF22 Material Matters TALK 14

Fora Form tells how design helps to emphasize our Norwegian values ​​through our designs.

Inside Norway LDF22 Material Matters TALK 8

Snøhetta and Norsk Hydro have experience in using materials as an active component when designing furniture.

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Dwell chairs and Kvart table

Fjell chairs at Material matters

Fjell chairs

Note shelf at Material matters

Note shelf

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Atrium chairs and Kvart table

Senso Frame Root og Dwell under material matters

Senso Frame sofa

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Copenhagen chair

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Copenhagen chair & Con