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"A place to gather energy"
Breathe together

The work cafe

The coffee area is a space that can be used actively to create interaction between departments. By placing the coffee zones centrally and having a conscious relationship with the type of furniture you can influence the culture of the organization.

Written by Pål 14.01.2020

Coffee machine and refreshment area

The coffee area is often the very nerve of a company. It is the first place we meet in the morning, where we address things we think about and care about. The space is one of the areas we usually visit during the day. Since it is a site of frequent visits, it is an easy place to create a zone that invites interaction.

"By choosing tables and chairs at counter height is easier for others to stop as they are in relative eye level to those who walk by."

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Tables and seating at counter height invite for impromptu stops and quick meetings. Counter height furnishing also makes it easier to stop for a chat. Maybe two colleagues need to discuss something to make a quick decision? Counter height allows users to often lean forward across the table, making meetings more intense and engaging. Maybe then it is a golden opportunity to use the commitment for something positive. A screen solution can tell about the social commitments of the organization, and make employees become colleagues over a good cause.

Modulsofaen Senso Huseiernes Landsforbund 2019 foto Cathrine Holst og int ark Metropolis arkitektur design

No one likes a cluttered coffee space. Loose pillows and cushions that need to be attended to and fluffed are often not looked after by cleaners. Fora Form sofas should look just as good, no matter who leaves them. By combining different fabrics on the pillows you will be able to achieve the warmth and cosiness you seek by combining loose pillows without the clutter.

The Senso modular sofa shown here with different color on the pillows can be delivered in both normal height and counter height.

Many people see the value of sofa groups in the coffee zones. This zone can also serve as informal meeting places if you plan to use it for multiple purposes. This is how you get a break from the project room or meeting places inside the work zone. If you plan to use the coffee zone for more people, you have to take into consideration the different needs people have. Sitting very low is uncomfortable for some work attires, and it can be difficult to get up for some age groups.

The Senso modular sofa can be delivered in both standard height and bar height.

Senso barsofa 3 setere sammen med høye Kvart bord Fora Form