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Canteen as a venue point
Eat together

How to extend the use of the canteen?

The canteen is one of the most space-intensive meeting places a building has and a unique opportunity to create an arena where people can meet in spite of department and physical workplace.

Written by Tone 29.10.2019

The size and types of services the canteen or dining area has to offer, must be taken into consideration. In a smaller company, communal tables can provide many good synergies for the environment and well-being. In larger canteens, sofas, use of plants and soft furnishings affect the well-being of the dining area s that the users feel taken care of despite the large space. If you plan out your canteen wisely, the canteen or dining zone becomes the lung itself in the company's culture. A lot of well-being can be created in this zone by putting a little extra effort into the area and the servies avaliable. And having a energetic canteen has proven correlation with Peoples well-being...