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- use, care and maintenance

Written by Tone 01.01.2020

Natural product
Leather is a natural, living and classic material. Insect bites, wrinkles, pores and veins might be visible. These nuances reveal the leathers origin, the expression of its excellent quality and ability to age well. The leather changes, stretches, softens and gains patina with time.

Keep furniture upholstered in leather away from direct sunlight. Sunlight will dry the leather and cause it to become brittle. Furnace, fireplaces and other sources of heat, including dry air may also dry the leather. Armrests and neck cushions, areas that are exposed to grease and sweat might result in dark stains. Chemicals from hairgel and lotions can provide similar stains. It is important to remove these quickly. Dust may also damage the leather upholstery if not removed regularly.

Clothing with sharp details like studs, rough seams, belt buckles or zippers will increase wear and tear and may scratch or tear the leather.


To perform the correct maintenance of your leather it is important to know the quality of your leather as semi-anilin or anilin/saddle leather should be cared for differently. If in doubt contact Fora Form or your dealer.

Here are some general guidelines and advise:
Leather is sensitive to natural elements like water, oil, heat, light and environments that are too humid or too dry. We recommend frequent vacuuming with a soft brush. We recommend annual major cleaning and treatment of your leather upholstery. Clean your piece of furniture before applying a nourishing or protective treatment. Nourishing treatment will prevent drying and cracking and prolong the life of your leather. Use branded products suitable for your type of leather. Do not use the furniture until the leather is completely dry.

We recommend to test stain-removal agents on an inconspicuous area first

Stain removal and cleaning

Regarding liquid stains dab it immediately so the stain will not penetrate the leather. If the stain is there, give it some time, maybe the stain will sink into the leather in the course of time.

Always use a branded upholstery shampoo, or stain removers recommended for your type of leather and stain. Remove greasy stains by using appropriate detergents or solvents especially designed for use on leather. Remove non-greasy stains by carefully dabbing with a lintfree cloth or sponge wrung out in lukewarm water. Always work from the edges towards the center of the stain. Do not rub hard on the area as this might block the pores, leaving a shiny patch.

We recommend to test stain-removal agents on an inconspicuous area first, to check that the colour of the leather is not altered in appearance.

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