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Up sofa and Camp tables at Fora Form
Reference projects

Our new Bergen showroom

Bergen has got a new showroom to display the office space of the future. An environment where the framework is based on Fora Form's slogan "wherever people meet" spiced with top notch digital solutions. The showroom is shared between Fora Form, Modular lighting and ATEA.

Written by Pål 19.12.2022

The office of the future and hybrid working methods are changing the way we view office spaces. There are three main points that are stakeholders of the office of the future:

  • What role does the physical office play in our the work life?
  • How to safeguard a digital hybrid way of working?
  • How to build good teams when employees prefer home office rather than the physical?

Our new showroom is located at Damsgård in Bergen with a lovely view of the Puddefjord, that in it's self is inspiring. Together with Atea Bergen and their 160 employees, Fora Form and Modular lighting moved into the Frydenbø-building during the summer of 2022. It takes time to settle into new premises, but finally we can proudly open the doors and say; welcome inside!

Senso sofa Camp table and Misto in Bergen at Fora Form


In Norwegian we have a saying; "Your space enables the type of people you employ", but one person does not create an environment alone. You get a good work environment from team players who want you and the company they work for to do well.

Throughout the showroom, there are large social zones that provide space for entire departments. The key is to create a sense of missing out on a "good feeling" by not going to the office. The attractiveness of the space is to a great extent the people, the furniture are the building blocks that making it possible.

Senso sofa Camp chairs and Misto ottoman at Fora Form
Up sofa and ottoman Camp table Fora Form
Tind sofa and Root table at Fora Form

Informal meetings

Something that is difficult to achieve digitally is casual informal meetings. Meetings where small talk and larger matters go hand in hand. At times you have a coffee to discuss the weekend's activities, other times to test out creative new ideas. Common to both of these situations are informal frameworks. Frameworks that make it less dangerous to open up and be vulnerable and share. Two Tind sofas are good settings for such meetings.

The situation is difficult to transfer into a digital universe, and therefore it is even more important to take care of this need in the workplace. In the showroom you will find several such zones to safeguard the trust that come from informal meetings.

Senso sofa with high bacrest and L table at Fora Form
Con chars and bar stools Myk table and Senso bar sofa at Fora Form

The coffee machine as the core

The fact that the coffee maker has a special place in many people's hearts is not difficult to understand. Whether you seek out the zone to meet people or gain energy in other ways, it is a break in everyday work life.

In our showroom, this is the core of the room. The coffee zone is the first thing you encounter when you enter the door, and thus provides a good start to any meeting or day. The zone is designed to be used as a daily meeting place, as well as a gathering place for the entire company or for special occasions.

Dwell chairs and a big Kvart table at Fora Form
Con chairs with veneer backrest and Myk table at Fora Form
Tind chairs and Root table at Fora Form
Knekk bar stools and Knekk table at Fora Form

Engaging meetings

There are many elements that can contribute to a meeting being experienced as fun and exciting, in short it comes down to what inspires the participants. The topic, meeting participants or the space are all elements that influence the meeting.

The showroom has various ways to inspire engaging meetings. Whether it's the Knekk stools' ability to nudge the participants forward or meeting rooms with exciting formations and lighting from Modular lighting. At the core is the meaning to inspire, to make people engage and want to be a part of the community.

Planet chairs and a Myk table at our showroom in Bergen
Dwell chairs and Kvart table in a meeting at Fora Form
Con chairs and Kvart table at Fora Form
Con bar stool and Myk table at Fora Form in Bergen

The hybrid meeting

Today's meetings has at least two considerations; the physical meeting and interaction versus digital solutions. The showroom has rooms for various types of meetings, the shorter meetings that require less comfort both in relation to digital solutions and the upholstery of the furniture.

The co-location with Atea means that in the showroom we can provide an overview of the entire experience of a meeting. While Atea has full control over what it takes to deliver top digital meetings, we know what it takes to create a good physical meeting; both tables and chairs are adapted to each individual room to provide the best possible meeting.

Fjell chairs and Kvart table in a meeting room at Fora Form

The co-location with Atea means that in the showroom we can provide an overview of the entire experience of a meeting.

Clint chairs and Kvart table in a meeting rom at Fora Form in Bergen
Fjell chairs with high bakrest and Kvart table at Fora Form in Bergen
Dwell chairs and Kvart table in a meeting at Fora Form

To visit, experience the showroom and at the same time learn about how we see the office of the future. Contact us!

Ole kopi

Ole Grung Farsund, Area Sales Manager in Troms, Vestland, Finnmark, Trøndelag

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