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Building bridges and breaking barriers

How can we promote a culture of inclusion in the workplace? In honor of World Mental Health Day 2023, Fora Form aims to highlight the importance of an inclusive and diverse work environment, where we collectively create space for all.

Written by Tone 21.09.2023

Mental health in the workplace

World mental health day

World Mental Health Day is a national public health campaign dedicated to mental well-being, observed throughout Norway from week 39 to 42 each year. Additionally, World Mental Health Day is globally recognized on October 10th annually. The objective is to prioritize mental health and foster openness regarding challenges and associated stigma. This year's theme is 'creating space,' a call to action to make our most important meeting places more inclusive. For many, the workplace constitutes the primary meeting place during the daily routine, underscoring the significance of establishing inclusive workplaces even further.

Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity are cornerstone elements of a healthy and productive work environment. Inclusion fosters a culture where all employees feel valued, respected, and included, regardless of their background, gender, age, or other differences. Promoting inclusion and diversity is crucial because it enhances employee well-being and engagement, enriches decision-making processes, and fosters creativity and innovation. This creates a work environment that strengthens individual and collective mental health, making it a central factor in workplace well-being.

Building bridges & breaking barriers: Nurturing a culture of inclusion at work

In collaboration with Helene Aagard from Diversity Factor, Fora Form organized a lecture on inclusion and diversity at our showroom in Copenhagen on October 9th, celebrating World Mental Health Day 2023.

Three tips for creating space in the office
Promote diversity and inclusion: Value and encourage diversity in the workplace. Create space for different perspectives and cultures and actively combat discrimination and bias.
Support work-life balance: Provide employees with flexibility to balance work and personal life commitments. This can reduce stress, promote well-being and building trust with their employer.
Social events: Organizing social events and activities outside the workplace can strengthen employee bonds and create a sense of belonging and community.

This campaign is in collaboration with World Mental Health Day. Last year, World Mental Health Day entered a new three-year strategic period where they called for collective efforts to combat loneliness and exclusion, which are central challenges for mental public health.

Belonging is a fundamental need. It's the feeling of being a valued part of a community where you are respected, seen, and understood for who you are. Surrounding ourselves with people who can handle our emotions protects against prolonged stress and anxiety. Read more at verdensdagen.no.

Let's create space together:

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