Breathe together

5 measures for having informal interaction while working from home

Usually the morning begins in a sofa where we shoot the breeze. The benefits of checking in with colleagues in the morning spreads throughout the day, and is of great social and human importance. The big question we ask ourselves now is how to keep the good atmosphere in the office - when we have no office to go to?

Written by Pål 16.03.2020

1. Start the day with a digital morning team meeting

In cases where the normal is challenged, it is important to keep routines going. Therefore, hold a morning meeting as usual. Think about what you want out of the meeting and how you appear. If you are stressed, your team will respond accordingly.

2. Activate "new" social media platforms

With limited access to the informal meeting places, it is important to find new channels that will have the same effect. Create a snapchat group and show that you share the same reality as your colleagues. Share small and big moments, we all need extra input a day. In the office we would usually hear about the good news over the partition or at the coffee machine.


-It's about maintaining the social touchpoints in everyday life. When the coffee machine as a meeting place is gone, we need to find other channels to keep the mood up ...

3. Be open

Openness in a difficult situation will build trust. By showing that your reality is no different from your colleagues, you bring each other together.

4. Give clear messages

This is a general rule, but it becomes even more important when the lines between "formal" and "informal" meetings are removed. Therefore, it becomes more important that one is clear when messages are given and one moves to a more formal tone.

Con IV conference chairs in meeting room Fora Form

Practice using video as if your colleagues were in the room with you.

5. Use video conferencing like Skype and Microsoft Teams

Instead of phone, use video. Looking each other in the eyes, showing mimicry and body language contributes to better communication. Imagine that they are in the same room as you and practice it.


A normal work day starts with clearing your head whether you go to the bus or drive to work. These trips serves a purpose and are just as important, if not more important now than before. They help you to get ready for work and organize your thoughts.

We hope these measures enable you to keep your team spirit up. It is important not to lose the benfits of informal meeting places from the office when we do not see each other every day.