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Fora Form

Our designs and designers

Fora Form has a unique experience by using design as a strategic tool. No other Norwegian company has used designers to solve the needs of time and different types of interaction like what we have.

Written by Pål 27.01.2020

Our design awards

Fora Form has a high level of ambition for new development projects. We create confidence for our customers that new products meet strict requirements for aesthetics, innovation and user benefits. Fora Form collaborates with selected designers who we know add to our collection of products with optimal properties for their application.

We are Norway's most winning design company, with 35 Awards for Design Excellence, 4 DOGA Awards and 3 Awards for maintaining Design Classics. This title commits to still being innovative, but preserving the knowledge we possess about the meeting places we are creating.

What value does a design award give?

Through the use of designers, Fora Form acquired some production advantages. Laminating technique of wood was a favorable material in the contract market. This was a skill that the factory in Ørsta could take advantage of, and Fora Form is seriously entered the contract market. The designers who managed to make the most of our competitive advantage were also the ones who achieved the greatest commercial success. The designers Sven Ivar Dysthe, Terje Hope and Lindau Lindekrantz were such designers. And with the technique our company has continued to grow...

Her kan lese mer om vårt historiske forhold til design

Our history