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The Christmas gift for 2021

Our Christmas gift this year is a donation on your behalf to Mental Helse a Norwegian mental health organization.

Written by Tone 29.11.2022

Mental Health is an organization for all people with mental health problems, relatives and other interested parties. They work for increased transparency, prevention of mental health problems and a better health service.

Mental health is about creating a safe framework for good conversations. Good conversations often take place in a sofa or chair. Fora Form's vision as Norway's largest producer of meeting places is to facilitate good meetings.

Last year we marked the World Mental Health Day for the first time. This year, we also invited our dealers to help spread awareness about the important issue.

This year's theme is about "Life during and after a pandemic". Whilst some have experienced home office as enriching their lives, others miss the interaction and team-spirit unity of a workplace.

Experiencing unity is important in order to be able to work towards common goals and invest oneself in relationships. We will therefore continue our efforts in focusing on the good meetings.

If you want to read more about the campaign, you can visit Mental Health and the campaign page here.

Feeling safe and secure, being able to trust other team-members is the key to good processes and mental health.

What is psychological safety and how can design help?

"We humans have been exposed to an enormous change in the last year and a half. We do not have equal opportunities to deal with this change. It is therefore important that we who furnish offices and meeting places are consciously responsible for creating unity and taking care of everyone around us. It is our differences that are our greatest advantage, these we must cultivate and take care of. The fact that someone does not feel safe and united after the pandemic can cause your organization to miss important insights into future processes. That is why it is important to focus on this day." Says General Manager of Thomas Haram.

Where people no longer meet.

Where the chairs are empty.

Where all you can hear is the
sound of what once was.

There we will meet again.

There we will fill the void.

There we will see each other.

Wherever people meet.

Dwell Rocker chair from Fora Form

This campaign is in collaboration with World Mental Health Day.

Read more at World Mental Health Day's own website