Feeling extra or ordinary?
Choose the colour, fabric and base that suit you – whether you're feeling extra or prefer the ordinary. Get ready to transform rooms with Atrium and Senso Frame.
Atrium Focus konferansestoler sammen med Senso Fram sofa og Roma bord fra Fora Form Atrium Focus konferansestoler Roma bord sammen med sofaen Senso Frame fra Fora Form
Extraordinary classics for wherever people meet.
Feeling extraordinary?
Slide into a world of options. Senso Frame sets the mood.
Senso Frame i en rolig frisone sammen med S bord fra Fora Form Senso Frame modulesofa i en stille sone fra Fora Form
Fora Form Ordinary Extra O 227 web

See less. See more. See through.

Fora Form Ordinary Extra O 137 web

Go colourful. Go functionable. Go extra.