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A playful chair for the meeting room or dining area and your new best friend! Discover all BUD variations here:
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A multi-modular sofa and one of our best-selling products of all time. What does your next Senso setup look like?
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Meeting spaces influence organization culture. Read more about how we can assist you with workplace design here:
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The dining area is the organization's most crucial culture builder. We provide you with our best tips for creating a cozy dining area.

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A sustainable approach to our design heritage: giving design classics a new lease of life.
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Our history

Since 1929, we have been crafting Norwegian quality furniture in Ørsta, Sunnmøre. Learn more about our design heritage and how we have uphold it for almost 100 years!
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Fora Form


From September 8th to 10th, we celebrated Designers' Saturday in our Oslo showroom. Join us for a recap of Norway's largest and most significant gathering for design and interior architecture:

Written by Iselin 14.08.2023

Designers' Saturday

Designers' Saturday is the largest and most significant meeting place for design and interior architecture in Norway. For 6,000 visitors and over 170 exhibitors, Designers' Saturday represents inspiration, professional updates, as well as opportunities for networking and social interaction.

This years events

This year, Fora Form showcased several product launches and participated in Designers' Saturday's newly introduced concept, "DS collab." Visitors also had the opportunity to view a historical furniture exhibition and learn more about Fora ReForm.

News presented during Designers'

2309 Fora Form Showroom HR
New woods laminate: Table surfaces embracing future trends
We are introducing 4 exquisite new laminates from Formica as surface options for our collection of tables.
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Knekk: The identity collection
Step into a world where design meets emotions, where comfort embraces creativity, and where the Knekk family shines in an entirely new spectrum of colors.
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Future-proofing the office: Unlocking post-pandemic success
How can we bring people back to the office after the pandemic, and how can we ensure the best working conditions for our employees?
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DS Collab

This year, Fora Form participated in Designers' Saturday's newly launched concept, "DS Collab." A collaborative project between manufacturers and design talents aimed at emphasizing the significance of cooperation within the industry. Visitors at our showroom had the opportunity to view our prototype of the "MOD divider," developed by Dominyka Barkauskaite.

Historical furniture exhibition

In addition to several product launches and our involvement in DS Collab, we brought the furniture exhibition we set up earlier this summer in Sykkylven to Oslo for the occasion. Visitors had the opportunity to view historical and iconic pieces of furniture that have played a defining role in Fora Form's journey within the Norwegian furniture industry.


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