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New Woods laminate: Table surfaces embracing future trends

We are introducing 4 exquisite new laminates from Formica as surface options for our collection of tables.

Written by Iselin Granly 12.08.2023

Harnessing natural surfaces to elevate spaces and environments

The new Woods laminates draw inspiration from various birch species, aiming to connect us with our immediate surroundings. By incorporating the natural beauty of wood into spaces and environments, parallels to the organic world are evoked, contributing to the creation of more lifelike settings.

Fora Form is now spotlighting four of the new Woods laminates as surface options for tables within their collection. The aspiration is to fortify the array of choices for table surfaces in the collection, thereby forming more impactful environments with distinct identities.

Fora Form Kvart table green slate birchply Con chairs cropped
From Formicas official website:
"Birchply responds to the timber trend on an extraordinary and architectural scale. Birchply stands as a ubiquitous construction material worldwide. Its recognizable appearance, veneer in a peeled layout, and vibrant range bestow high-pressure laminate with a distinctive and impactful pattern."

Areas of use

These novel laminates find utility in various contexts, encompassing meeting rooms, expansive conference setups, dining tables, and even smaller lounge tables. These surfaces challenge conventional plain finishes and introduce a novel ambiance to the table, diverging from the familiar aesthetics we have long grown accustomed to witnessing.

Fora Form Kvart table with black birchply laminate

The new Woods laminates can be paired with: