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A playful chair for the meeting room or dining area and your new best friend! Discover all BUD variations here:
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A meeting room chair, a dining chair, a visual element, and your new favorite buddy! BUD was created to provide modern environments with a chair that stands out from the traditional; a fun and youthful chair for playful concepts wherever people meet.

Written by Iselin 22.02.2024


BUD chair in different colors from Fora Form
BUD stack from Fora Form
BUD rotate from Fora Form in light green

BUD is developed by the young design duo Petter Skogstad and Fredrik Værnes (Skogstad & Wærnes), who, after only three years of collaboration, have already garnered awards for their work. The result is an elegant and playful chair with a sleek design. However, unconventional aesthetics do not compromise comfort; BUD captures you exactly where it should.

BUD has a noticeable presence as a single chair, but the back cushion creates a sculptural and playful form when multiple chairs are placed around a table. The lowered back of BUD makes people more accessible to each other regardless of the meeting. BUD can serve as both a meeting, dining, or an informal companion!

BUD meet in sand yellow Fora Form
English {noun}: /bʌd/
abbreviation of buddy,
slang for a close and favored friend

Wanna be my BUD?

New color options!
Brownred 3011
Sandyellow 1002
Mossgreen 6005
Pigeonblue 5011

A BUD for collaboration

The curved and oval backrest facilitates mobility and collaboration while providing excellent back support. The armrests relieve elbows during focused work with a PC on the table. Finally, one can design an open and inclusive meeting room without a wall of dominating backrests.

Skogstad Wærnes

Skogstad & Wærnes for Fora Form

"BUD is minimalist yet comfortable. We wanted BUD to stand alone and also function in larger numbers without creating a wall of backrests. BUD's back allows you to move around in the chair and interact with others. During focused work, such as with a computer on the table, the armrests relieve the elbows," says designer Fredrik Wærnes.

BUD meet and unite in brown red by Fora Form


BUD is not only unconventional in its form; it is also designed with consideration for the future. BUD has no parts that cannot be recycled and, therefore, can be disposed of 100%. Because BUD is manufactured this way, the product is an excellent example of how we work with Fora ReForm; also in the product development phase. In other words, replacing all parts of BUD in a potential future perspective will be easy. In the video below, you can see more from the production in the factory and the product development phase of Skogstad & Wærnes.

All yours, BUD