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A playful chair for the meeting room or dining area and your new best friend! Discover all BUD variations here:
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A multi-modular sofa and one of our best-selling products of all time. What does your next Senso setup look like?
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The dining area is the organization's most crucial culture builder. We provide you with our best tips for creating a cozy dining area.

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A sustainable approach to our design heritage: giving design classics a new lease of life.
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Our history

Since 1929, we have been crafting Norwegian quality furniture in Ørsta, Sunnmøre. Learn more about our design heritage and how we have uphold it for almost 100 years!
Root smile plastics liggende

Root: The next generation

The Root series has always been based on a desire to create a table with a sustainable profile. Now, we are taking the series further with a design that builds on the past but uses a material crafted for the next generation.

Written by Iselin 21.06.2024

ROOT 2017

When Fora Form launched the Root table in 2017, designer Runa Klock's vision was to create a lounge table with a clear sustainability vision. Not only was the table made from environmentally friendly materials, but the shapes and design were also designed to draw clear parallels to the natural and authentic.

ROOT 2024

With nature and the beautiful curves of roots as inspiration, the Root series was created, initially using Valchromat for the tabletop solution. In 2024, Fora Form introduces Root in a new and innovative material from Wales-based Smile Plastics.

Root smile plastics liggende

About Smile Plastics

Smile Plastics has a vision to rediscover the beauty and functionality in materials we traditionally classify as "waste." Their goal is to work towards a circular economy by designing and creating distinctive panels and surface products from waste, both from consumers and industry.

100% recycled and recyclable

Smile Plastics is, therefore, a recycled material. Its raw materials can come from yogurt pots, household appliances, and general plastic packaging. The circular process makes the tabletop 100% recyclable without additives, binders, or resins. This simplifies the disposal process for the consumer at the end of its lifecycle.

Nye materialer:
Alba variant 1
Alba Example of variation in the Alba panel
Alba variant 2
Alba Example of variation in the Alba panel
Alba variant 3
Alba Example of variation in the Alba panel
Heron in chestnut variant 1
Heron in chestnut Example of variation in Heron in chestnut plate
Heron in chestnut variant 2
Heron in chestnut Example of variation in Heron in chestnut plate
Heron in chestnut variant 3
Heron in chestnut Example of variation in Heron in chestnut plate
Root {noun} /ruːt/: The part of a plant that attaches it to the ground, usually underground, and transports water and nutrients to the rest of the plant through branches and fibers.
Root in Alba 4 5


The Alba panel is made from humble kitchen waste: yogurt pots! The panel appears sophisticated, clean, and versatile in its expression. With its white, marble-like surface and hints of gold and silver (from yogurt pot foil), Alba is not just visually appealing; it is also easy to use in various interior settings.

Root in Heron 4 5

"Heron in chestnut"

The "Heron in chestnut" panel is made from recycled white goods, primarily older refrigerators. The mix includes red and grayish tones that create a melting pot of shades on the tabletop. There are plenty of opportunities for exciting combinations here!

"When we were updating and expanding the Root series, it was natural to look towards new, exciting materials that could continue the goal of creating a sustainable product," says designer Runa Klock.

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