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A playful chair for the meeting room or dining area and your new best friend! Discover all BUD variations here:
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A multi-modular sofa and one of our best-selling products of all time. What does your next Senso setup look like?
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Work together

Meeting spaces influence organization culture. Read more about how we can assist you with workplace design here:
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Eat together

The dining area is the organization's most crucial culture builder. We provide you with our best tips for creating a cozy dining area.

Fora ReForm

A sustainable approach to our design heritage: giving design classics a new lease of life.
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Our history

Since 1929, we have been crafting Norwegian quality furniture in Ørsta, Sunnmøre. Learn more about our design heritage and how we have uphold it for almost 100 years!

Knekk: The identity collection

Step into a world where design meets emotions, where comfort embraces creativity, and where the Knekk family shines in an entirely new spectrum of colors. We present Knekk: The Identity Collection, a symphony of bold design language and color that will redefine the way you approach your upcoming interior projects.

Written by Iselin 29.08.2023


The Knekk family

The original Knekk concept was created for creative collaborations and social gatherings. Now, the Knekk family has expanded. Knekk is now a series of chairs, tables, benches, and an extended barstool solution, all crafted from solid oak. The idea remains the same: enhance your creative meetings and social interactions with Knekk as your building block!

Give the interior identity

Now, we are offering you the opportunity to amplify Knekk's personality with a collection of five new, inspiring, and distinctive colors. This way, you can transform the Knekk family into more than just furniture; infuse color and give them individuality and self-expression as part of strong interior concepts.

Knekk the identity collection 16 9
The identity collection
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Blended pink Knekk low2
Blended pink
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Blended green Knekk low2
Blended green
Identity {noun} /ʌɪˈdɛntɪti/ : the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.


Knekk bench in whitewashed
Fora Form Knekk the identity collection
Knekk wood table and chairs in whitewashed
Knekk the identity collection by Fora Form
Knekk the identity collection whitewashed smoked oak and blackstained


We understand that the essence of a solid wood product lies in the unique texture of each piece. That's why we have chosen to work with colors that allow texture and tactility to shine through. This way, the new color additions won't compromise the natural character of the wood.

With this new collection, we create a harmonious fusion of texture and color that is soothing yet vibrant. The Knekk family serves as your gateway to a world of boundless creativity, and the new colors are your key to unlocking its magic.

Knekk the identity collection blended green blended pink and whitewashed
Knekk bench blackstained Fora Form

Knekk bench

Knekk barstool blackstained

Knekk barstool

Knekk table 240x90 blackstained

Knekk wood

Knekk chair with armrest blended pink

Knekk chair with armrest

Knekk barstool blended pink

Knekk barstool

Knekk chair blended pink

Knekk chair with seatcushion

Knekk chair with seat cushion smoked oak

Knekk chair with seatcushion

Knekk barstool smoked oak

Knekk barstool

Knekk chair smoked oak

Knekk chair with armrest

Knekk chair blended green

Knekk chair with armrest

Knekk barstool blended green

Knekk barstool

Knekk chair with seatcushion blended green

Knekk chair with seatcushion

Knekk table 140x90 whitewashed

Knekk wood

Knekk bench with seatcushion whitewashed

Knekk bench

Knekk chair with seatcushion whitewashed

Knekk chair with seatcushion