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Knekk is a forward-leaning type who loves to solve challenges, small or large, together with others. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate that the popular stool has made new friends in the Knekk bench, Knekk chair and Knekk table.

Written by Tone 25.01.2023


Knekk is a forward leaning type who loves to solve challenges, together with others. The original Knekk idea was made for creative collaborations,
and social meeting spaces. Jon Fauske designed the Knekk-family specifically to enable effective workshops, and ensure engaged and attentive participants in these processes.

Now, the family has grown as families tend to do. Knekk is now a series of chairs, tables, benches, and an extended barstool solution all in solid wood of oak. The idea is still the same: enhance your creative meetings and social interactions. With Knekk as the main building block!

Norwegian {vb} /ˈknEk/ : break, bend, snap {noun}: crack, brittle caramel


Knekk Fora Form location web 3429
Knekk Fora Form location web 0127
Knekk chair in a stack from Fora Form
Knekk chair with armrest and cushion from Fora Form
Knekk Fora Form location web 3451


Designed in elegant oak, the Knekk series is tailormade for creativity and socialising. Knekk gives you generous Nordic comfort in solid wood, great width and comprehensive style. Since it was first designed by Jon Fauske in 2019, this bar stool has become a popular building block in a new work environment where people coming together is the springboard for creativity.

Knekk Fora Form location web 3496 kopi
Fora Form frilagt 4007

Knekk chair

With its subtle kink, the new Knekk chair allows for both reclining reflection and forward-leaning discussions. It has an elegant look, and can be used with or without armrests. Far from ostentatious, the Knekk chair comes across as friendly and welcoming.

It automatically accommodates a seated position, allowing you to lean against the table for a chat or a meal without having to push your body forward on the chair. Knekk is quite simply style and functionality uniquely expressed in solid wood. Seat pads are available for extra comfort, and chairs without armrests can be stacked.

The Knekk chair is available with or without armrests
Knekk Fora Form location web 01 Knekk Fora Form location web 02
Fora Form frilagt 3899

Knekk Wood table

The Knekk Wood table incorporates the unique Knekk design element through its split table top. Supported by a frame of elegant, solid oak, the table top can be supplied in different colours to create a dynamic contrast.

The distinctive solid oak centrepiece offers additional character, becoming a natural home for your table accessories. The centrepiece can also be delivered as a cable hatch with a hidden well. Knekk tables come in four lengths. The largest ones have a centrepiece, while the smallest table has a clean, two-section plate.

Together with the Knekk chair and Knekk bench, the Knekk table creates a comprehensive and distinct Nordic expression that stands out from the crowd.

Both options work as a natural space to place objects of your choice
Senterplate Knekk Kabelluke Knekk
Knekk Fora Form location web 3412
Fora Form frilagt 4078

Knekk bench

Knekk bench helps you find the best sitting position. It brings with it the forward-leaning profile of the popular Knekk stool, allowing for natural movement in the seated position. It invites both leaning forward discussion and leaning back reflection, without a tipping feeling.

Knekk bench contributes pleasant variation alongside Knekk chair and contributes to a holistic Nordic look for seating areas.

Fora Form frilagt 4060

Knekk bar stool

The Knekk bar stool is designed to fit the different stages of a creative workshop. The horizontal part of the seat provides for reflection and relaxation. The askew part of the seat gives direction for active interaction and support new and innovative processes.

Welcome to the family, Knekk!

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